Be prepared, financially survive the crisis

Sharemarkets dropping value, self isolation now law and consumption at an all time low. There is a crisis on our doorstep and its about to affect you, your family and your business. What are the key areas you can adjust to reduce the impact of the downturn?

There is no point in history that we can look back on for guidance. The only thing for certain is that what was working yesterday is not going to work today.

“Its time to prepare for the good, the bad and the ugly”

I have developed a series of financial strategies to deal with this crisis. I’m pooling my experienced, CPA knowledge and pulled together ATO incentives and other information to help you prepare for what lays ahead. Doing nothing is not the answer, we must prepare.

Here’s how we can help:
We provide In-depth strategic advice & forecasting, for your business and your investments.

We have 4 strategies specifically designed to cover this crisis and help you survive it.

  1. Lifeboat Strategy (Business only) – What can you do to keep your business a float? We review your business strength, team health & safety, financial resilience and your execution of the key areas of your business.
  2. Forecasting (Personal & business) – The good, bad and ugly – What does the future hold, we create a financial model for you giving you a 12 month picture of possible outcomes for your business.
  3. Cashflow review (Personal & business) – Can you afford to pay your bills? We review you incomes and your future expenses, analyse how much income you need to survival income.
  4. Risk assessment (All clients) – How likely are you to be impacted what are the key areas you should be concerned.

Call us today to discuss this further or to get started on your plan.

Talk soon,

Jye Amery
Astro Accountants

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