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Advice Package (UNLIMITED)

  • Total Yearly advice package is $88 x 12mths = $1056 your advice package will be invoiced monthly via credit card. You are paying an annual amount for this service. Early cancelation of this service will require you to make a final payment for any of the annual balance owing.

Terms and conditions

Advice & Discussions – $88 Per Month.
Advice under this package is made available via phone, email, and online chat and excludes Skype and online meetings (specifically excluded are our Property/Business-SMSF and Bookkeeping 101 sessions). This package is designed for up to 20 minute advice at any one time, on a wide range of services that we offer. Should we be unable to assist you or need to investigate and research your questions we will advise immediately. If additional resources are required we will advise with a quote and will get your approval prior to facilitating further work.

Advice & Discussion package – $88 Per Month is a 12 month contracted term paid monthly in advance. Automatic direct credit card payments will commence from date of application. Failure to make a payment in any month will incur a $22 per month administration fee in addition to any debt recovery costs that may occur.

Cancellation of this contract maybe applied for in writing with accompanied by contract payout fee which will be calculated on the balance of the contract.

The contents of our advice are the views of the advisor and do not necessarily reflect the view of Astro Accountants. The information contained in any advice is confidential and intended solely for the registered person.