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We are not stereotypical accountants. We see things from a slightly different perspective aiming for more fun, more lifestyle and more freedom. We use technology to gain this advantage, to build scalable systems and to deliver our services more effectively. We pass this knowledge on to our clients and work with them so they too can get more of the juice out of life,

Is it time you rethought your finances and had a professional take a look? Time to book your free meeting?

Jye Amery

Jye Amery


I want to show you how you too choose to become better finance managers, use technology to free up your time and ultimately be free to choose how you live your life.

I’m very proud of the Astro brand, it stands for freedom and finding your own path. We can all do things differently and sometimes all it takes is a willingness to see a new point of view, a little caring and a little guidance.

Clair Amery

Clair Amery

Business Manager

What I really love about Astro is that we are living the dream and following our own advice. The other big plus for me is that we get to bring our personality and values to the business. I like to think that I can share a part of my soul.

I’m passionate about helping people and making a difference

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