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Trusts, tax & capital gains – covered!

Property & investment tax is a specialist area with a lot of complexities and lots of different tax rates. If you are flipping, developing or investing in property or looking to invest in ETF, Crypto or Shares you’ll need to know which taxes apply to you. Don’t get caught out.

We provide specialist property and investment advice that is tailored to your situation, you’ll find out everything you need quickly and efficiently.

We also advise and review the tax effectiveness of ETFs, shares, crypto, gold and many other investments. Ensure you’re structuring your tax affairs correctly, get Astro Accountants to help you understand the complexities and assist in minimising your tax.

Tax returns

We understand the legislation so you don’t have to. Our experts will maximise your deductions and provide you with complimentary advice throughout the year


You will pay less tax if you’re better organised, we will show you how to capture your receipts electronically and store them in the cloud for tax time

Shares & ETFs

Understand how investing in shares, managed funds and ETFs impact your tax and the implications for your future wealth.

Capital gains tax

CGT can be one of the biggest taxes you’ll pay. Before you sell make sure you know how big your tax bill will be and what options you have to reduce it

Family trusts

Correctly structured trusts can allow you to share investment profits and capital gains around your family, reduce your personal exposure to risk and the opportunity you to pass on trust investments with out capital gains.

Flipping Property

There is a huge difference between an passive investor and an active property flipper. GST and CGT may apply even if you’re a mum & dad type property flipper. Don’t get caught out, seek out specialist property advice

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