The platform to better results

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grow your business with xero

Astro will help you take advantage of the advances in technology and app integrations so that you can automate your business, scale it & exit on a high.

We use Xero because it has the best cloud base platform on the market, it is endorsed by the ATO and you can integrate with software you may already use.

how xero can help in your business

With hundreds of Xero add-on Astro can help you choose the right ones to grow your business.


Xero will handle your transactions, your invoicing and customer payments even your payroll

Business intelligence

You will have a better understanding of your business, its performance and its ability to grow

Scaling your business

With Xero add ons, you can build your business around technology. We will show you how to integrate POS, e-commerce and lots more letting technology do the heavy lifting

Never miss a deadline

With all your financial information in one place and with it accessible to your accountant you should never miss a deadline again

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