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Business success, tax minimisation and best practices advice

There are many reasons to go into business but none more prominent than being your own boss, creating your own life and having freedom to direct your day. Its not all about finance, money and wealth we totally get that and that’s where Astro differs to many accountants. We help you build your business, systemise your administration and minimise your tax so you can generate profits, grow your investments and have the funds to live your best life.

Your dedicated accountant can assist you to set targets, know your breakeven point, manage your cashflow, prepare reports, provide best practice advice and take the worry out of lodging your tax and BAS.

Upgrade your business today with an Astro Accountant and live your best life.

Business start up

We will help you understand and establish a company if that’s the right structure for you. This structure will be your foundation of business success so its important you get it right. We will also register an ABN, setup your Xero bookkeeping solution, assist you with payroll and BAS.

Tax & compliance

We assist you with all ATO lodgements including tax returns, BAS, IAS/PAYG, TPAR, private rulings and super. We will act as your Tax and ASIC agent reminding you of lodgement deadlines and negotiate with the ATO on your behalf.

Performance reports

This is the pulse of business success! Knowing your numbers, understanding your target and having the information to make the right decisions is vital to business success. We can prepare tailored performance reports weekly if required, so you can make better business decisions and keep your finger on the pulse.

BAS & bookkeeping

We use Xero to capture your business data and can assist you to covert, its the software market leader for SME businesses. You will get a professional service, detailed reports, work completed on time and suggestions on efficiencies. 

Buying a business

We are specialists in spotting lemons, providing due diligence reviews and assisting buyers to transition into their new business. There is a lot to cover, so ensure you understand all the options. We even provide negotiation advice and questions to ask.

Business advisory

Looking for business success? Do you know what drives profit in your business? Maybe you need a different professional perspective? We provide strategic advice based on best practices and can calculate breakevens, profit forecasts, key performance indicators, budgets, competitor benchmarking and lots more. There is true value in building a relationship with Astro Accountants.

Understand your numbers

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