Tax & strategic planning made easy

No more lost receipts – no more paper files – better tax outcomes

Online tax and advice

Tax can be one of your biggest expenses and missing a lodgement date can cause even more pain to your pocket. We provide strategic advice for companies, trusts, SMSF & property owners and can help you restructure your affairs to ensure you are meeting your ATO obligations, reducing your risks and minimising your tax.

Our team will ensure you are kept up to date and aware of your deadlines. We also provide you with apps that will save your deductions online and extract the data for easy access when you need it.

Isn’t it time you upgraded to an Astro Accountant?

  • We prepare all ATO and ASIC documents.
  • Restructure and strategic tax advice.
  • Establish new company and trusts
  • Provide business coaching and xero training
  • Help you understand your numbers
  • Discuss ways to reduce debt and increase cashflow
  • Alert you to lodgement deadlines.
  • We use Receipt Bank to ensure you have all your receipts.
  • We will show you smarter ways to manage your investments.
  • We provide complimentary phone advice for all our registered clients.

Business tax

We help you to stay in front when it comes to tax, BAS and your other ATO obligations. Save time by signing your tax documents on your smart phone and discuss your work over the phone.

Property & investments

Find out how you can split investment income, build a portfolio of property or shares and earn passive income for your family or for retirement.

Upgrade to an Astro Accountant

Receipt Bank
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