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Put simply, if you are successful you pay tax, how much tax? Well thats another conversation. It’s important to know the ATO has a big stick and can charge hefty penalties, deny deductions and charge interest if you do not lodge on time or you have poor record keeping, that is where we step in. We will ensure you are kept up to date and aware of your obligations, including any pending deadlines. If times get tough, we will help you find solutions, provide additional support and negotiate with the ATO. We have your back. Our services extend to all entity types including individuals, partnerships, trusts, companies and SMSFs.

  • We prepare your all tax documents.
  • We provide deadline reminders to keep you focused.
  • We use Receipt Bank to capture your deductions and maximise your refund.
  • We will show you smarter ways to manage your investments.
  • Want more value? We provide complimentary phone advice for all our registered clients.

business tax

We help you to stay in front when it comes to tax, bas and your other ATO obligations. Save time by signing your documents on your smart phone and discuss your work via video meetings

property & investments

Find out how you can split investment income, build a portfolio of property or shares and earn passive income for retirement

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